The rules used for this game were developed from a number of sources, including "From MacDuff to the Frontier" and "The Sword and the Flame."   They are designed for fast play, with all players on one side.

Here are the rules, revised and updated in March of 2010

Fast Play Indian Mutiny Rules - Word Version

Fast Play Indian Mutiny Rules - Adobe Acrobat Version

Event Cards for Fast Play Indian Mutiny Rules - Word Version

Event Cards for Fast Play Indian Mutiny Rules - Adobe Acrobat Version

The following pictures are from an Indian Mutiny Game presented at the Kublacon Convention (San Francisco Bay Area) in 2006.   All players on the British side, with the sepoy mutineers and their Afghan mercenary allies on the other side.

You can also view the game held in 2010 at Kublacon here:


The mutineers have surrounded the British residency at the fictitious town of Baba Ram, where a mixed force of Highlanders, 60th Regiment (King's Royal Rifle Corps), Gurkhas, British regulars and East India Company European troops are defending.

Area movement is used.

The Residency compound before the assault.  British regulars line the closer wall, with Gurhkas and the 60th Rifles on the right, and Highlanders and East India company troops manning the upper wall.


The residency in the middle of the assault.    The Highlanders are regrouping in the center, having been pushed out earlier by mutineer assaults that were then repulsed by musket fire.  To the left, the 60th Rifles (King's Royal Rifle Corps) defend the compound next to the Gurkhas of the Nasiri Battalion.

The Nasiri Battalion (Gurkha riflemen) defend the corner of the compound from the assault of an Afghan mercenary clan attack.


An Afghan clan readies themselves to storm the residency walls.

A unit of sepoy mutineers assaults the wall, defended by British regulars.   Reverend Johnstone stands behind them, exhorting the troops to "strike the heathen."   To the right, an Afghan clan has taken the ruined building, forcing back the Gurkhas defending it.    The Gurkhas later regrouped and took back the building.

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